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Free on Amazon: 33 Lone Survivors of the

Free on Amazon: 33 Lone Survivors of the Last Stand (Custer Survivors 101: The Impostor Roster) [Not an attempt at sales! Just an attempt to spread some cheer!]

I thought this would be a fun way to send you Thanksgiving wishes. I made the book free on Amazon for the rest of the week. As a bonus, Amazon considers this freebie a purchase and once you lock it in, you can always loan it to someone in the future. It’s yours.

Since it’s a Kindle ebook giveaway, this freebie offer is only a promotion. But in exchange I would like to ask you to forward the link to anyone you think might enjoy it.

Note: I removed the introduction to this second volume. The first one, 11 Lone Survivors, still has it and it does help set the stage with a more in depth background. But the second one gets right to the heart of the theme: Impostors of the Battle of the Little Bighorn fed off public support and many times, those perpetrators of fraud made quite a bit of money and received a lot of notoriety. There is nothing heroic about that.

Happy Thanskgiving! And a thank you goes out to the Army for giving me a second career after I lost my first one to surgery and my experiences in Iraq.

http://ow.ly/fttlW We have 450 downloads since yesterday. Looks like it’s been very well received!


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