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A Custer Survivor in King Arthur’s Court

And well, maybe not. Some things are just a little beyond believability. It could be a new genre: Western Frontier Fantasy. After all “Cowboys and Aliens” already cinched up the Western Frontier Scifi title, so it’s not like it’s completely uncharted.

About 1/3 of Custer’s forces were killed during the Battle of the Little Bighorn, including everyone under his direct command. Split into three battalions, the 7th Cavalry was crippled within the first hour of battle. For two days, it was all they could do to hold on under relentless attack. They were left to sit in the sun without water while they wondered what had happened to General Custer.

At the US Centennial celebration on 4 JUL 1876, many were shocked to learn about the defeat of Custer’s unit.

But that didn’t stop some from seeking glory for themselves. They piggybacked off the honor of the 7th Cavalry. They were impostors. Like vampires (Western Frontier Horror?), they fed off public interest. They filled their pockets and gave interviews. They were dime novel heroes, without all that valor and courage business.

I’ve just finished compiling an additional biography for 33 more candidates of The Impostor Roster and I hope to have them as the next installment in the series in about a month. The first 11 are already available on Kindle.

I’ve also made a companion reference available, identifying every name of every Solder, civilian and Indian ever known to have been with the US Army during the battle. Although not really a narrative or a “sit down and read” kind of book, The Bare Bones List does provide a cross-reference with the most authoritative biographies on the 7th Cavalry. It also provides a list of known aliases, some of which coming from the farthest reaches of dusty bookshelves nationwide and from interlibrary loan requests the likes of which few researches have ever dared tread.

Please enjoy Custer Survivors 101: The Impostor Roster, volume one, “11 Lone Survivors of the Last Stand” bit.ly/CS101-1. The second volume is coming soon.

One early reviewer said “This is your best book yet!” And I believe them.


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