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Lee’s “Demon” is a Delight

Some people can’t write fiction. Like me. But I love to read a good story. Not just a good story, I love the imagery. I like to read and let the story turn into a movie inside my head. Tolkien did that for me. So did George R. R. Martin, Robert Jordan and yes, Anne Rice’s Taltos and Vampire Lestat stories. Now I’m adding Tosca Lee to that short little list.
I like a story that doesn’t end on the last page.
Tosca Lee has writes so smoothly and compellingly that for the last three nights, I have stayed awake WAY past my bedtime reading her book. It’s smart. It’s clever. And I really like the theological subtleties. I can think of a few friends at Ligonier who would really love it. I would have finished two days ago, but I keep flipping back a few chapters to recapture some of the story line.
I can think of two extra-biblical authors who have described heaven with brilliance. Not the “angels are your best friend” type of stories. The kind where grandeur and majestic imagery carry the story. Anne Rice pulled it off in a later Lestat book. The description of heaven didn’t smack of pagan mockery or feel-goodism. It was beyond description. Tosca Lee was able to give me that same feeling of being overwhelmed with visual intensity. So much so that I’ve reread those parts many times and still go back to them.
Her prelapsarian and postlapsarian landscapes defy my ability to review them. I really appreciate the author’s descriptive genius when she gives the story of Lucifer’s kingdom on earth and why Lucifer hates mankind so much. There are so many great little “aha” nuggets tucked away in the story, it’s tough to recall them all. They are so good, that if I reviewed them, someone would post a negative comment about me including spoiler’s in a review.
I think I can get away with these two examples:
1. The Demon is talking to the main character about churches: “Lucifer himself has access to the throne room of God. Do you think a church is any problem for me?”
2. Clay is the name of the main character. It dawned on me that Lee is likely using a Bunyan-device (I made up that term). Clay, as in “we were made from the dirt of the ground.” The main character then is a general description for all of us. Temptation, yearnings, naivete. Clay’s story is our story.
Hey, Tosca? If you’re out there reading this, will you please write more and text me as soon as you do?
Follow her at @ToscaLee

2 comments on “Lee’s “Demon” is a Delight

  1. Christian
    June 26, 2012


    I will most definitely hijack your term, “Bunyan-device”. Spot on.

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