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Writers need writing tools

When I was but a wee lad

my father gave to me

a pen that came from Scotland

from my family tree

It’s really a Wahl mechanical pencil and it did belong to my Scots ancestors. It’s a very nice piece of craftsmanship.

In a day where keyboards and touchscreens rule, it seems strange to grow more fond of hand writing. My hand-writing isn’t that refined, but the pen I use makes a huge difference.

After being introduced to Hi-Tec-C (also known as G-Tec), by Pilot, I have thoroughly enjoyed *wanting* to write. It’s not that the pens are designer tools or even hard-to-find, for me, it’s the color selection and the precision. They also don’t smudge (a huge plus). They come in pen sizes as small as .25mm. That’s little.

I also like what many entrepreneurs are doing with them. Over at Kickstarter, you can pretty much find at least one running project at any given time dedicated to the Hi-Tec-C.

The newest one is the Ti2 by Mike Bond. http://kck.st/K8spgo

I love creativity. Combine that with a pen that I really enjoy and I’m a fan. I have a similar pen case for my Hi-Tec pens. They are heavy (made of steel or mil-spec aluminum), they feel good to write with and they are a kind of legacy. Just like my old Wahl mechanical pen.


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